Best Food Processors For Hummus

Making hummus is not a big deal for now as there are hundreds of food processors that are used to make this dip. If you know how much delicious, easy and quick-to-make hummus, you will never miss this recipe in your daily meal listing. 

The food processors that are ideal come with a powerful motor and blades to make hummus dip quickly. The best food processors for hummus are not only limited to make a dip only, but these are capable of providing multiple functionalities.

It is a useful appliance in the kitchen that can save much of your time by offering several processings like chopping, kneading, slicing, shredding, and pureeing. You can do many other food preparations by utilizing the food processor. Best Food Processors for Hummus

The market is filled with tons of options, but if you are looking for a food processor, especially for hummus, then it is quite a challenging task for you.

We have collected some best options for you so that you don’t need to go anywhere and get the best possible option of your choice here.

Top 6 Best food processors for hummus:

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1)- KitchenAid KFP0919BM - Best food processor for making hummus:

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Weight : 8.23 Pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Speed : 80 rpm
  • Customer Review : 94/100
  • Price : $$$

This model of the food processor is one of the best processors for making hummus. The addition of a twist-free bowl along with a latched lid makes it one of the excellent processors which are so easy to set up. 

Plus, its sharp and high-quality blades offer you to cut food pieces in a fine manner without creating any mess. You don’t need to get worried about its speed control as it comes with 3-speed options. Furthermore, its cleaning is so effortless.

Quick Features

  • 3-speed options: This food processor includes three options for controlling the speed. It offers high, low, and pulse speed options so that you can easily use this processor to cut and slice your favorite foods with great precision. 
  • Effortless cleaning: Cleaning of this processor is not a big deal for you now; it includes a sealed and leak-resistant bowl. This will reduce the chances of trapping less food in the bowl so that the cleaning becomes so easy. 
  • 2-in-1 feed tube: This powerful processor comes with a 2-in-1 feed tube that permits you to process a variety of ingredients, shapes, and sizes. Plus, it is fit for the operations like chop, slice, puree, and shred. So you can call it one of the best food processors for pureeing.


  • Compact and innovative design
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • LED controls make operation simple.
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Some find it a little noisy

2)- Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY - Best food processor for hummus:

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Weight: 14.3 Pounds
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Customer Review: 96/100
  • Price: $$$

If you are finding a large-capacity food processor, then Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is the best possible option for you. It is a 14-cup capacity food processor, which is great in performance and durability. This processor is excellent in processing different ingredients. 

Although it is a bit expensive model, it is able to process a large volume of food in a short time. Plus, its bowl, blades, and lid are dishwasher friendly so that washing these parts is super easy.

Quick Features

  • Sharp and stainless steel blades: For making hummus, this processor is equipped with sharp and durable blades that can easily and quickly process your chickpeas, lemon, tahini, and other tasty spices into a delicious healthy dip.
  • Multi-purpose processor: It is not limited to just chopping or cutting your favorite ingredients or foods. This processor is very powerful and versatile so that you are allowed to do mixing, chopping, shredding, kneading, emulsify, pureeing, and mixing dough. 
  • Easy control paddles: You will be impressed when you see this model and use it as it is so straightforward in use. Its controls are extremely easy and simple, and it comes with just two buttons that you need to manage.


  • Cleanup is pretty easy
  • Pretty quiet machine
  • The feed chute is large
  • Durable machine


  • It has a lack of included accessories
  • Not so good in making the dough

3)- KitchenAid KFP0722OB - Best small food processor for hummus:

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Weight:  2.2 Pounds
  • Wattage: 1100 watts
  • Speed : 60 RPM
  • color:  Silver
  • Customer Review:  94/100
  • Price: $$$

This model of the food processor has less capacity, but it is excellent in processing different foods of your choice. With its small footprints, you don’t need to worry about its placement on the countertop of your kitchen, as it will not take much space. It is an affordable option that makes it one of the best food processors for the money.

It comes with a 7-cup bowl capacity, which is enough for grinding, slicing, and chopping vegetables, fruits, and other foodstuffs. Blades are sharp and are made out of premium quality material that can perform multiple tasks like shredding, slicing, and kneading. Our research considers KitchenAid KFP0722OBas the best small food processor for making hummus.  

Quick Features

  • Multiple speed options: This machine comes with three-speed possibilities that let you handle the soft and hard ingredients. The machine is equipped with four buttons from which one is the off button, and the other three are high, low, and pulse options.
  • Exactslice technology: This great food processor is equipped with the Exactslice technology that enables the user to externally adjust the slicing size using a lever. It gives you precise slicing and accurate cutting of the food.
  • Extra tight seal: The ultra-tight sealing is uniquely built to resist the leaking and allow the bowl to fill with ingredients without the worry of a mess. Its locking system will ensure that during the process, no more food will get wasted due to any leakage.


  • Affordable option
  • 7-cup work bowl
  • Save your counter space
  • Pretty easy in cleaning


  • It has only one work bowl

4)- Breville BFP820BAL1BUS1 - Best machine for making hummus:

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Wattage : 150 watts
  • Speed  :     80 RPM
  • Color :      Metallic
  • Weight :  13 Pounds
  • Customer Review : 96/100
  • Warranty :  15 Year
  • Price : $$$

If you want to lessen your food preparation time in the kitchen, then you must buy this food processor. Its heavy-duty induction motor is so powerful and strong enough to handle the toughest jobs of handling the hard fruits and vegetables.  

Its 16-cup capacity bowl is great for a family meal as it can prepare hummus for a lot of people at once. Also, for the fine chopping of the ingredients, this processor also features a mini bowl, which is perfect for small quantities of ingredients.

Quick Features

  • Dicing discs: It accompanies a dicing disc that makes your dicing work more precise and easy. This attachment of disc works by slicing and then dicing your ingredients. It will guarantee fine, even, and more accurate cubes.
  • Micro-serrated S-blade: The advanced type of micro-serrated S-blade is used in this processor. This blade is sharp and capable of doing consistent chopping, mixing, and processing a wide variety of foods. It is able to deliver swift action. 
  • Peeler disc: With the peeler-disc accompanies in the complete package of this processor, peeling is not a big deal for you. It can easily peel up to 7 potatoes at one time without any hassle. Also, it can peel sweet potato, beetroot, and carrot as well.


  • It saves much of your time
  • Great build quality
  • Great storage container
  • Sharp blades


  • It is a bulky machine

5)- Hamilton Beach Professional 14-Cup :

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Wattage: 850 watts
  • Color :     Yellow
  • Weight :  9.9 Pounds
  • Speed : max 12000 RPM
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Customer Review : 94/100
  • Price: $$$

This model of food processor from the Hamilton Beach company performed very well in the chopping and slicing process. It is equipped with a 14-cup bowl, which is quite an excellent thing about this processor. 

Additionally, this processor comes with 5 attachments and a storage case in which you can easily store the food. The blades are able to cut uniform slices. In this processor, you will ½” dicing and select from 14 thickness settings to adjust the blades, and this unique feature makes it one of the best food processors for meat.

Quick Features

  • 3-in-1 tube: Now, you don’t need to precut your fruits and vegetables as it can easily feed everything from slender carrots to whole fruits. Its large tube is used to fit a big fruit, whereas the two small tubes are used to keep thinner fruits upright. 
  • Easy assembly: The assembly of this processor requires no expertise to assemble it. The uniquely built bowl is designed to stack directly on the base without any kind of twisting is needed. Plus, the lids snap securely to the bowl. 
  • Touchpad controls: Fortunately, this exceptional processor features illuminated buttons. These buttons are labeled with their functions. All the controlling buttons are easy to understand, and you just don’t need to worry about its setting.


  • Give fast results
  • Leak-free bowl
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • It is challenging to clean

6)- Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor:

Quick Review Of The Product

  • Speed : 80 RPM
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight : 17 Pound
  • Customer Review : 91/100
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • Price : $$$

Breville BFP800XL is another best food processor for making hummus. It is a powerful processor that comes with a strong motor and great blades too. Plus, its big size ensures that there will be fewer chances of its moving during its action. 

One of the amazing features is that it got a silicone seal, which means nothing is going to be leak out of it. Plus, it comes with a fancy LCD display system along with a safety feature system. Additionally, its cleaning is so effortless.

Quick Features

  • Multiple feed chutes: This unique food processor features multiple chute options so that you can get your desired size cutting of ingredients and fruits. Its extra-wide feed cuts long slices, whereas the mini chute cuts thin slices. 
  • Multidirectional timer: It comes with a multidirectional timer that is able to stop the processor once the time is reached in countdown mode. So it will eliminate the chance to keep an eye on the processor as it can be operated on the timer as well. 
  • Easy storage box: This food processor also comes with a space-saving storage box. It is great to store all the attachments and utensils for giving you more storage space on your countertop. You don’t need to get worried about the space limitation when you have this machine.


  • Two bowl options come in handy
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Deliver consistently sized slices


  • Expensive model

Buyer’s Guide:

If you have decided to buy the best food processor for making hummus, then there are hundreds of different machines available in the market. While buying a food processor, you must determine some major things like how often you will use it, how much space you have on your counter top, or how big you want to get. 

These are some of the important questions that must be concerned before buying any food processor. Although all the food processors are capable of making hummus, each brand offers different advantages. So we have summed up some major considerations that you should keep in mind.

Things to consider:


This consideration should be firstly kept in mind if you want to make hummus and some other kind of dip as well. The more powerful and sharp your food processor has blades, the more tasteful and blended your dip will be made. 

Nowadays, most of the processors come with S-blade, which is specially designed to make hummus like recipes.


It is another essential consideration as the size really matters when you decide to make hummus and some other dips and spreads. Also, you have to decide on by considering your family members first. 

If you have a big family with more than 6 members, then you must pick a processor with a bowl size holding 11 to 14 cups. And if you have only 2 to 3 family members, then a processor with a bowl size holding 5 to 6 cups will be suitable for you.


Your countertop space should also be considered as this is likely not to be a major concern, but it is important to consider. 

It is important when you buy a big processor, but you have a small space in your kitchen. So before deciding any model, you must keep in mind the available space in your kitchen countertop.


Of course, how is it possible that we forget to mention this point as it is also an important concern? Cleaning is the process that keeps on going every day without a break. 

People usually get frustrated with the additional cleaning process of such type of machines, and all of us hates this part. 

So to minimize this cleaning task, most of the processors come with dishwasher-safe parts. It makes cleaning so easy. Just detach the blades, lid, and bowl, and put all of them into the dishwasher, which is pretty handy.


This part is totally dependent on how often or regular you will use it. In this part, the motor and the built quality of the bowl is really very important. 

The ideal food processors come with a strong and powerful motor and a strong base which will never topple off the counter while the motor is running. The more powerful the motor and its built quality is, the longer it will be used.


It is possible that it may not be a great consideration for some people, but it is quite an important concern in terms of operating the food processor.

If you are new, then you must want some type of processor which is easy to operate and on which the buttons are labeled with functions. 

In contrast, the advanced type of food processors, which are rich in functionalities and features, is quite impressive but are a little challenging for some people to operate. So always try to get the model that is easy to operate and has comfortable features to use.


Depending on your demands, we have successfully presented the top 6 most ideal food processors in this listing. But in our suggestion, the Breville BFP820BAL1BUS1 model is one of the best food processors for hummus. 

It has great capacity, equipped with S-blade, excellent storage capacity, and it comes with a number of discs for various processings.

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